Mark 10:1-12

            Mark 10:1-12 deals with a particularly hard and painful subject….divorce. It’s a hard subject today, and it was 2000 years ago when the Pharisees brought up the subject to try and trip Jesus up. But Christ was not interested in debating Law, He wanted to get to the point of what God desired for us since the beginning. Jesus pointed to how in marriage two are made one flesh, just as Eve was taken from Adam’s flesh in the beginning.

            When God first made Eve, He said: “It is not good for man to be alone.” Because God made us to be relational creatures, just as He is relational. We need relationship, whether in marriage, or family, or friendship. God did not intend for us to break such relationships. But we do, all the time. With each other, and with God as well. But in being reminded of this grim reality, it is important for us to remember why Jesus came in the first place: to bring grace for all the times we have broken what God never intended for us to break.