Church Ministries

Church Service

We have many opportunities for service to the church and the list of opportunities include:

 *Readers                                                                                                                           *Acolyte                                                                                                                             *Greeters                                                                                                                         *Altar Flowers                                                                                                                 *Sunday School Teacher Assistants                                                                           Sign-up sheets are located on the piano in the sanctuary. 

***Virtual through ZOOM due to COVID Restrictions***

At Christ Our Hope Anglican Church, we have a series of Bible Studies that happen every Week.

  • Monday 7:30pm: Onalaska Bible Study, Gospel of John with Greg & Ashley Foss (Zoom)
  • Tuesday 10am: 1 Peter Bible Study with Deacon Nancy (Teleconference)
  • Tuesday 3pm: Apocrypha Study Ecclesiasticus With Fr. Bill
  • Wednesday 4pm: Gospel of John Bible Study with Deacon Jeramy (Zoom)
  • Thursday 6pm: Exodus Bible Study with Fr. John (Zoom)

Join us each week as we read, learn, and discuss different books of the Bible. Please contact Fr. John to receive the link to any of these studies.

Men’s Group

***On hold due to COVID Restrictions***

The Men’s group is open to men of all ages and meet once every 3 months for fellowship. 

Past events have included: wilderness hikes, games, and dinners

Monthly Fellowship

***On hold due to COVID Restrictions***

Every month, we will have a fellowship event that is open to all ages. This is an opportunity to be in community with one another and have fun. Events that have been in the past have been: game night, Saturday breakfast, and Sunday picnic. Future events include: bowling, church movie night, Christmas party, tea party, miniature golfing, hiking, and many more to come.